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Garden Sheds, Summerhouses and Chalets;

What is Pressure Treatment?

Pressure Treated Timber (long life, low maintenance) is used on the framework and exterior of all our sheds. Do not confuse pressure treated with pre-treated or exterior treatment. Pressure Treated timber will last far longer than timber treated by other methods. The preservative is forced into the timber under pressure and penetrates below the surface, whereas all other treatments apply a coat of stain to the surface of the timber only. 

Can you explain the difference between the different exterior finishes available?

Rustic – Our Rustic Sheds Exterior Cladding is made using a Pressure Treated Overlapped Weatherboard -10mm finished thickness. This weatherboard is a sawn board (not planed) and the boards overlap each other. Hot dipped Galvanised Nails are used on the exterior.

Classic – Our Classic Sheds exterior cladding is made using a Pressure Treated Planed Rebated Weatherboard - Shiplap - 18mm finished thickness, a slower growing timber imported from Scandinavia/Northern Europe. This weatherboard has a smooth finish and the boards slot together as opposed to overlapping each other. 

Classic Brown – Similar to our Classic Sheds, Our Classic Brown Sheds exterior cladding is made using a Pressure Treated Planed Rebated Weatherboard - Shiplap - 18mm finished thickness, a slower growing timber which is imported from Scandinavia/Northern Europe. This weatherboard has a smooth finish and the boards slot together as opposed to overlapping each other. In addition to pressure treatment our Classic Brown Sheds include one coat of Protek Wood Treatment. 

Log Style – Our Log Style Sheds exterior cladding is made using a Pressure Treated Planed Rebated Weatherboard – Log Profile – 20mm finished thickness, a slower growing timber imported from Scandinavia/Northern Europe. This barrel effect weatherboard has a smooth finish and the boards slot together as opposed to overlapping each other.

What is the benefit of Felt Lined Walls?

Felt Lining is a breathable membrane which acts as a barrier against dampness. It goes on the interior of the shed behind the framework. It allows moisture to breathe out through it but will not allow any moisture through from the outside. A shed with Felt Lined Walls is simply a better shed than without and is therefore advisable if within the budget. It is particularly important if the shed is going in an exposed area.

Felt Lined Walls are standard on all our Premium Sheds, Chalets and Summerhouses.

Our Economy Sheds do not have the option of felt lined walls

What is the difference between a Mineral Felt Roof and a Torch on Felt Roof?

Mineral Felt (polyester based) is a moderately durable roofing material that is nailed on to roof. A Torch on Felt Roof in comparison is heated and stuck on using a blow torch and is more resistant to stormy conditions. A Torch on Felt Roof is a more durable and longer lasting option. We would advise anyone planning to put a shed in an exposed area to upgrade to a Torch on Felt Roof.

A Torch on Felt Roof is an optional extra on all Premium and Economy Sheds and Chalets up to size 12’ x 8’ and all Summerhouses up to size 11’ x 8’. It is standard on all bigger sizes. 

What kind of fittings are on the Sheds?

Hot Dipped Galvanised Nails (50 micron) are used on the exterior and our shed doors are fitted with 3 Heavy Duty Galvanised Hinges, Pad Bolt and Turn Buttons.

What is the difference between your Economy Range and Premium Range of Sheds?

Our Economy Sheds are a lighter duty shed than our Premium range and have no window. Our Economy Sheds also only go up to size 8’ x 6’ and do not have the option of felt lined walls.

Our Premium Sheds are a much stronger build; they have almost double the amount of internal framework, have a window, a stronger floor, are approx. 6” taller, have more of a roof overhang and have (or have the option of) felt lined walls.

Can I get Double Doors on my Shed?

Our sheds come with a single door as standard (28” width approx.). Double Doors (57” Width approx.) are available as an optional extra on any of sheds that is at least 8ft Wide on the front gable.

Can I get a Steel Roof on my Shed?

A Box Profile Steel Roof is available as an optional extra on all sheds at least 6ft wide (front gable)Please call the office on 090-9679408 for prices.

Can I modify my Shed?

Although our wooden buildings come in standard sizes, our Premium Sheds, Chalets and Summerhouses can be modified to include a number of optional extras including; upgrade to Double Doors, Inward Opening Door with Keylock, Half Doors, 7ft High Side Walls, PVC Double Glazed Opening Windows, Box Profile Steel Roof, additional Windows and Doors and more! Door and Window locations can be modified also subject to shed size.
What size Shed should I get?
There are no precise guidelines regarding the size shed you should get – most often the size of the shed chosen is dictated by the space available and the items you plan to store. The space will always be used however, so we recommend that you buy the biggest shed you can afford provided that it fits comfortably in the space available.  At O’Brien Timber Products Ltd we offer a wide range of sizes to suit every space. A popular shed size among our customers for general storage is size 8’ x 6’but again it ultimately depends on the space available and your specific requirements.
Where should I locate my Shed?
When choosing where to locate your shed you need to keep in mind that it needs to be kept away from

You need to Units up to size 12’ x 8’ approx. ideally need to be kept approx. 12-18” clear of any walls or fences. Larger units need to be kept approx. 18-24” clear of any walls or fences. This ensures easy access for both installation and future maintenance. It also allows air to circulate so that your shed gets a chance to dry off after rain. 

A reduced clearance is often possible on one or two sides. If the space around your shed is restricted remember to allow for any roof overhang. You should also cut back or remove any nearby shrubs and trees. Remember to allow for future growth. We recommend a sheltered position which is not exposed.

What access is required to deliver my Shed?

Your shed will be delivered and installed on the same day by prior appointment with you. A clear access route is required from the truck to the prepared base, with no access restrictions. Possible restrictions include archways, narrow passages, sharp corners and flights of steps. The shed will arrive in sections/panels which our installers will carry in on there side (one person at either end). Our Erectors will carry shed maximum of 30 metres. Parking for a medium size truck required. Access through the house may be possible with advance notice. Please advise us if there are any access restrictions at the site. 

How should I maintain my Wooden Shed?

We recommend the exterior be treated with a wood preserver, quick drying woodstain or varnish as soon as possible after installation. Pressure treatment will prevent decay due to dampness but will not prevent damage such as warping and splitting by the sun.

Door lock may require adjustment and joints need resealing at some point. A good quality sealant will be required for joints.

Keep shed site clear of any overhanging branches and shrubs to allow air circulation. Condensation may occur in either frosty or humid conditions, so it is important that the shed is aired out by leaving the door open when possible.

With adequate maintenance your timber shed can have a lifetime of up to 30 years.

Can we view your Garden Sheds?

Absolutely! We welcome callers to our factory in Mountbellew, Co. Galway where you can view our extensive range of products. Our knowledgeable sales team will give you as much information as possible to help you make the right decision.

We also have agents with shed displays located throughout the country. Click here to find the nearest display location to you.

Do you offer finance on your Garden Sheds?

At O'Brien Timber Products Ltd we are delighted to offer Humm Finance on a large range of our products. With humm, you can buy now and pay later in store or online by splitting your payments. Please note; a direct deposit of 10% is required on all O'Brien Timber Products Ltd orders, Humm Finance is available as a payment option for paying the balance of your shed. Find out more about our finance option here.


Thank you for reading our FAQ please contact us if you need further assistance!


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